Staff Bio

Heidi Cooper – Store Manager

Heidi works on the visual aspects of the shop, along with shipping and receiving.  She’s the go-to girl for finding a bike or accessory to fit your needs.  Looking to be more visible?  Let Heidi show you our stock of lights.  Need a helmet?  Heidi fits helmets and educates customers on all the safety features.  Need a part that’s not in stock, she’ll handle the special orders, most arriving the next day, so you can get back to riding.

Heidi is the mother of two young children, so don’t be shy about bringing your kids with you.  She’ll gladly encourage them to ride with you or entertain them while you shop.

Heidi is also an avid road rider.  She has raced in popular local events like the Pedal n’ Plod and The Josh Billings.  She trains with the Williams College Cycling coach, a Cat 3 Racer and several other retired racers.  She’s happy to ride fast but also enjoys slower tour riding.  Email her to be put on the list for local group rides.

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